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Country Background Information
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Location - Greece is located in the south-eastern part of Europe, taking up a total area of 132,000 sq. kilometers.  It is separated from the Middle East by the Mediterranean Sea and includes a large number of islands.  It's neighbors include Albania, Bulgaria and the Ex-Yugoslavia towards the north and Turkey to its east. 
Population - 10,668,058
Language - Greek is the official language of Greece.  There are also some speakers of French and English found with in the country. 
Religion - The Greek Orthodox Church claims about 98% of the population, Islam at 1%, and another 1% with some other religion. 
Economy - Greece has a capitalist economy based on tourism, banking and finance, shipping and construction.  Tourism is it's number one industry, with over 15 million visitors annually. 
Politics - The President is the head of the government, a Unitary Multiparty Republic with one legislative house, the Parliament, which is headed by the Prime Minister, whom has the real political power. 


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